Hiring Managers

Have the best matches

Are you looking to hire top talented specified skill workers.SJ Plan can help your organization to find, attract and hire the top talents you deserve, fast and efficiently. We provide candidates who have successfully passed the relevant skill test examine job skill and Japanese language proficiency N4 level. All of they can manage Japanese in a considerable manner. Specially  our candidates have a better knowledge about Japanese rules, regulation and  the culture in order to avoid any possible problems or misunderstanding.  Every employee is given the necessary knowledge  about Japan before leaving their own country under SJ Plans orientation Program. 

We have candidates who are already in Japan and you can interview  face to face and  the others are out side Japan who you can interview  online. SJ Plan provide you with the opportunity to connect with the employee you chose any time you  want. 

We make sure to take the responsibility to arrange all the necessary interviews and meetings for hiring managers and the job seekers until the chosen candidates  land in Japan.