Specified Skill Workers​

Career Industries

The Specified Skilled Worker visa was implemented in Japan due to the serious labor shortages by accepting experienced foreign workers with specific
expertise and skills in 14 designated industries. Below is the list of the 14 industries and the expected intake of foreign employees.


01.Care worker
02.Building cleaning management
03.Machine parts & tooling industries
04.Industrial machinery industry
05.Electric, electronic, and information industries
06.Construction industry
07.Shipbuilding and ship machinery industry
08.Automobile repair and maintenance
09.Aviation industry
10.Accommodation industry
12.Fishery and aquaculture
13.Manufacture of food and beverages
14.Food service industry


If you are a Foreign national who have acquired the qualifications of Specified Skilled Worker can work in any of above fourteen specified industrial fields.
In order to work in Japan with this new status, you need to take both a skill exam and a Japanese language proficiency test. Skill exams are conducted several
times a year for each field in order to measure whether your possess a degree of knowledge or experience in the specified industrial fields in which they desire
to work.